Your Log Cabin Dream can Come True

Log Cabin Kits for the adventurous who want to enjoy the experience of building their own cabin, just like your forefathers, or the joy of having it assembled, as you watch. Each cabin is pre-build with the logs numbered for on site assembly, so if you like puzzles then the challenge is there.

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Get a real log cabin at an affordable price! Our log cabins are ideal for remote locations, because they are easy to set up with no cranes or special tools needed. The cabins are custom built out of canadian pine or cedar.

We offer log cabin style single room cabins (12’x 16’ up to 18’x 30’), to cabins with lofts and porch or any custom design

All our cabins are hand crafted and milled from the full pine logs. Floor plans and door and window placements can be customized to individual needs. All cabin log corners are saddle notch. Each log is bolted down with special log screws for a tight fit. To ensure structural stiffness. Our cabins are pre-assembled to make sure every log and connection fits into place, then disassembled and numbered before shipping or delivery.

Build "IT" or have "IT" Built

Cabins Made Simple. Your dream of having a cabin by the lake, a year-round custom pine home or a hunting cabin in the forest, we can make it happen. No heavy equipment required and hello to simplicity! Once you have chosen your cabin size and customized, you can stop dreaming and start seeing. Cabin packages are prefabricated at our mill and delivered right to your doorstep for easy on-site assembly. Construction of our cabins is so simple, you can do it! Or our professional crew will be on site to assemble your cabin package.


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